E-Zahra Street, Jerusalem
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Hospitality & Dining

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Our chefs serve up fresh takes on Middle Eastern to Wold classics using seasonal, top-quality ingredients all sourced from local purveyors and artisans. Expect to see some of your favorites on the menu but be prepared to find delightfully new dishes at each visit, too.

With an attentive staff and a cool ambience, our restaurants have everything to gratify locals and visitors, and even business travellers entertaining important clients. Private dining / event halls allow for a more an exceptional experience or places to host a special event.


Events Catering:

  • Snacks, lunch & dinner at venue or outdoor
  • Theme menus such as BBQ, Chinese, Mediterranean, Italian, Arabic.
  • Cash counters, VIP / Delegation Catering at Concerts, Art Galleries, Exhibitions, Road Shows.
  • Packed lunch for crew, snacks for visitors at stands in the Exhibition halls.
  • Press Conference venues
  • Outdoor events at various locations like Beach, Dessert, Yachts, Dhows and also charity events.

Private Parties:

  • Indoor, Outdoor Venues
  • Take away, delivery, or cooking facilities at the venue for parties organized at home, park or be it BBQ on Beach.

Business Catering:

  • Buffet or packed, Staff Lunch with International menu.
  • Conference catering at your office be it tea breaks or Business Lunch.
  • Product Launch or VIP Delegation visit – be it High Tea, Snacks or Business lunch.

Executive Meals:

  • International Buffet
  • Special Diet menus
  • Packed meal

Staff Meals:

  • International Menus available as per nationality requirement for staff meals at workplace as well at staff accommodations.
  • Cook at your facility or deliver cooked meals with service staff.

Contract Catering:

  • Buffet at accommodation for three meals
  • Packed meal delivery at your work site
  • Regional Menu as per nationality requirement

Pre-Ordered Meals:

  • Go online, select your menu, leave your office address and CC number. Place your order an evening earlier.
  • Tick from the menu kept at your office reception, and simply fax an evening earlier
  • Pre-Ordered lunch
  • Site Visit take away menus