The city’s first hotel, and still the first choice of sophisticated travelers and world statesmen, has been a landmark in Jerusalem since 1940s. Now, as National Hotel Jerusalem, it blends a revitalized sense of history with comfort, relaxation and warm, genuine personal service.

For the past 71 years or more, the National Palace has been one of the most well-known and prestigious hotels in Jerusalem. The hotel was original built by a family by the late 1940s. As visitors to Palestine began to increase incredibly especially businesspeople, worldwide delegations, and presidents; then it was realized that luxury hotels would be needed in Jerusalem. After 15 months of construction on 30th of December 1949 National Palace Jerusalem was called in for press. Opened a trial run with 54 prestigious rooms and one of the luxurious rooftop restaurant. A month later, in the 30th of January 1950 the National Palace was official. Since its opening, Kings, princes, artists, politicians and diplomats has been frequent visitors to this landmark hotel.

National Hotel Jerusalem